Emma Rutter Hansel and Gretel Littleton Youth Ballet

Photo by Maria G Photography

Littleton Youth Ballet 1169 W. Littleton Blvd Littleton, CO 80120 (303) 794-6694

Frequently Asked Questions 
Is there a parking fee?
No parking fees at  Lone Tree Arts Center or the Joanna Ramsey Theatre. There is a fee for the parking garage at the Newman Center but there is also free street parking available.


Is the theatre handicapped accessible?
The Lone Tree Arts Center, the Joanna Ramsey Theatre, and the Newman Center are all easily accessible from the parking lot to the theatre door. The surface is flat at the first two theatres with a very slight hill at the Newman Center.

How long is The Nutcracker?
The performance is two hours long including intermission

How long is Storybook Ballet?
This varies but our Storybook productions are typically about 75 minutes long including intermission.

How old should my child be to come to a performance?
We recommend that children be approximately ages 3 and up but it mostly depends on the child. Parents know best if and when their child can sit quietly focused for up to an hour, without a snack or bathroom break. The Nutcracker and Storybook Ballets are designed to entertain children and adults alike. 

What should I wear to a performance?
Many of our audience members enjoy making their visits to the ballet "dress-up" occasions but it is completely up to you. We hope you enjoy the full experience.

Are tickets refundable?
While there are no refunds on tickets, season subscribers enjoy the benefit of exchanging performance tickets within the same production at no cost.

What do you do about inclement weather? 
As they like to say in show business "the show must go on". Because we have already sold tickets and paid production costs, performances will not be canceled for any reason. All ticket sales are final and there are no refunds.

How early should I arrive?
Traffic delays and parking can be unpredictable. Plan to arrive early to ensure an enjoyable, relaxed experience. We have reserved seating for all of our performances. Latecomers will need to sit in the back to avoid interruptions to the performance. 

What time does the "box office" open?
Tickets and will call will be available one hour prior to the performance. The theatre will open 40 minutes prior to curtain time.

Are there refreshments sold at the performance?
Yes for the performances at the Joanna Ramsey Theatre.  We will have various baked items (such as cookies) and beverages. Please enjoy these before the show or during intermission. No food or drinks are allowed in the theatre.
At Lone Tree Arts Center beverages and snacks will be available.  No food or drinks are allowed in the theatre.

At the Newman Center, concessions will not be sold.

Are there boutique items sold at the performance?
Yes at the Joanna Ramsey Theatre.   For The Nutcracker, we have many gift items available for purchase including nutcrackers, jewelry, tutus, ornaments, apparel, and other ballet related items.
No items will be sold at Lone Tree Arts Center or the Newman Center.

Are there rules for watching the performance?
Whether you are attending a performance for the first time or you are a seasoned veteran, please observe these simple rules
- Please remain quiet during the performance. Talking is discouraged because it disturbs everyone around you. 
- Remain seated during the entire act.
- You shouldn't eat while you are in your seat--save snacks and drinks for intermission or after the performance. 
- Applause is encouraged. Dancers appreciate hearing that the audience enjoys what they are doing.
- Save questions and comments for intermission.
- No use of cell phones, PDA’s, etc. during the performance including texting.
- No use of any recording devices during the show including cell phones.

Can I record the performance?
Due to copyright laws, Littleton Youth Ballet prohibits flash photography or recording of any performances. We have a dancer as well as some audience members with seizure disorders.  An unnecessary flash could trigger a seizure. Please be courteous!