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Welcome to Littleton Youth Ballet

Littleton Youth Ballet is Littleton’s only non-profit youth ballet company. We aim to provide our 86 young dancers (ages 7 to 18) a caring and respectful environment that offers each dancer quality performance experience to enable them to reach their fullest potential, not only as dancers but in all areas of life. We strive to encourage and promote dance with dynamic, full-length productions and diverse outreach programs throughout the Denver area.

All of our dancers are students at Littleton Ballet Academy. Many of our upper levels students have won awards and scholarships in ballet competitions and have been accepted and/or received scholarships and stipends to nationally recognized ballet schools across the nation.

The Wizard of Oz
Photo by Lucinda Maughan Armstrong

Board of Directors

President: Shauna Baity
Vice-President: Tim Baity

Secretary: Wendy Vogel

Treasurer: Diane Christensen

Scott Elliott, Alison Jaramillo,  Bobbie Jaramillo. Carrie Kemp, 

Anna Rutter, Emma Rutter, Brian Schmidt, Erin Skufca, 

Christene Woodward



The Wizard of Oz
Photo by Lucinda Maughan Armstrong

LYB Dancers


Kira Biles, Jasmine Boning, Abigail Brainard, Simon Byrom, Kyra Christensen, Madison Curtis,

Tara Dingwell, Rosemary Dolezal, Anabella Fitzgerald, Olivia Fry, Sofia Holmes, Cora Keltner,

Anna Kemp, Olivia Key, Miranda Metz, Hannah Nikolaev, Caroline Owen, Peyton Roark,

Brielle Shore, Isabel Smyth, Emily Sparks, Alexa Wallace, Olivia Weimerskirch,

Emmry Wiley, Lydia Woodward

Isabella Valentina Cofaru, Emma Cogswell, Isabella Demis, Norah Edgar, Grace Germeroth, Abigail Haag, Clara Kemp, Mia Kurtz,  Emma Livesay, Eleanor Plenk, Alina Rivera-Archuleta, Brienna Ryan,

Hana Schmidt, Addie Skufca, Lakin Spohn, Laura Stanfill, Taylor Sturgell, Emily Vidlock, Joseph Wallen, Ruby Wilderman


Junior Company

Lillie Belanger, Reagan Bowers, Emily Bybee, Callahan Claus, Ava Delgado,

Hannah Gunnerson, Anna Johnson, Lila Mendenhall, Aurelia Nickum,

Ema Isabel Quirindongo, Juliet Rauls, Hannah Riggs, Rowan Schneider, Abigail Sonnenberg,

Tessa Tymitz, Kaitlin Vidlock, Charlotte Wicks

Hannah Barron, Abigail Cogswell, Laurel Farber, Kenna Gearhart, Paisley Hicks,

Madelyn Johnson-Moore, Melany Kubowicz, Addison Moxon, Owen Plenk,

Lilah Sollenberger, Helen Taoka



Felicity Cogswell, Eliza Germeroth, Evangeline Lester, Kaden Livesay,Charlie Matthies,

Evelyn Patton, Amelia Sofia QuirindongoJuliette Riggs, Amara Rivera-Medford,

Simeon Sheshatskyi, Alana Sonnenberg, Elsie Ubben, Annabelle Weed, Jane Whiting

Honorary Member

Alyson Perez-McPherson

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